• On nights as pitch and pale as these,
    my head it wanders where it’s pleased.

    Vastly far and few between 
    I think back to when life grew green. 

    On days that gleamed both bright and blue. 
    When I find my thoughts then turn to you. 

    When the sun still shined, 
    when you were still alive.
    Before being taken before it was time.

    You would say I had a beautiful mind, 
    that you knew what troubled it during
    the night.

    So I led you through my darkest sides,
    through my blackest depths that see no light.
    Yet you remained, you remained beside.

    But these times have since passed,
    reminded nothing good can last.

    I never blamed you for leaving,
    just myself for once believing
    while it contradicted what I was seeing.

    Now by your tomb you’ll find me kneeling.
    My heart and head both numb to feeling.

    And though it aches, you leaving early,
    I find comfort in your memory.

    So when my mind turns dark, loud, and hostile,
    I think thoughts of you and then I smile.

  • We lost an extraordinary human being but he has found true peace at last. You will be deeply missed but we find hope in knowing that we will see you again very soon.

  • 10 Reasons Your Twenties Is The Best And Worst Time Of Your Life.

          One decade— one decade that throughout a lifespan is invariably looked forward to, and then back upon: your twenties; twenty through twenty nine. What is it about these 10 years that produce such an extraordinarily high level of feeling, a true passion as if the soul is sparked? Often resulting in breath taking highs and heart wrenching lows, along with the reaching of a few milestones and the experiencing of a few more mistakes, which compose your twenties and make them the best and worst days of your life.

    1) -Busiest (bound by obligation).

        Between jobs, education, finances, career prep, family, friendships, companionship, and whatever other activity you keep yourself accountable to perform, it is nothing short of amazing that it all can be done within their alotted timeframes. At few other times in life is one required to balance such responsibility; schooling in youth, employment in adulthood, and much of both during the in between years; where it can get difficuilt to keep everything underneath control once there is much much more to keep beneath, but if achieved the reward is a life of purpose and fulfillment, but the work begins inside these years.

    2) -Free.

        Although Business is a known component of the years of twenty, it does in part assist in establishing a sense of liberty. Independence is found, though our ambitions may occupy us. Free at last, free at last; free to be who you are, react on the heart’s desire, to establish an opinion of your own, to finally pursue what drives your passion; to deviate, to conform, free to believe or denounce, to think for yourself, to choose where you go from here. And best yet, it is for the first time in a lifetime this liberation is truly experienced. 

    3) -Between married and party friends (if time for friends).

    On rare occasion when the time to be social does present itself, it becomes apparent that half of everyone you still keep in touch with are either married/play the part with a significant other; children most likely (married or not). The other half finding themselves under too many influences to properly function, liberated from responsibility and often negligent to obligation. The company of neither enjoyable over a few hours.

    4) -Building the foundation for the rest of your life (marriage/family, college/careers).

        Though each tread seperarate paths, seeking different destinations, our lives will mold and form around who we are with, and what we do. By these ages, on average, lifetime partners and lifetime careers are selected, following it’s progression, and ultimate outcome.  The decisions made inside of those days will determine what tomorrow will entail, and with empowerment to make such decision comes anxious excitement.

    5) -Broke (busy yet broke).

        Being steadily swamped is extraordinarily frustrating, but what heavily salts this wound is feeling overloaded in contrast to being broke, coming to the harsh realization that life is expensive. During these demanding moments in life it is almost required to be in constant motion, which can be financially conflicting when it costs to exit the front door. In addition to inhumane education costs, there are varieties of mandatory financial investments, housing and reliable transportation being a few. Salary scale payments made on an hourly shift equals the occasional cup of noodles or hot pocket lunch. 

    6) -Everything that is legal (and some not) become possible.

        In addition to the liberation of ones twenties comes the legal freedom to enter into adult locations and consume substance of high exclusivity and maturity. Far superior than the actual ability to buy drinks and access those places is the simple knowing that there are no further limitations; both in the figurative and literal sense, of course accompanied by the enjoyment and shananigans that come with this newly acquired capability.

    7) -Expectation VS reality.

        Expectation is a root that plants sorrow and while approaching the days of twenty, it is simple to overlook the trial and hardships that the decade will entail with having already painted a completely different image of what these moments would look like; envisioning triumph without considering the tribulation, or endless festivities without celebratory cause, until the days arrive and happen different than anticipated. Growing up for lack of a better term sucks and tends to suck much harder when you spend your youth waiting in unanswered hope that it won’t.

    8) -New found appreciation for childhood occurances.

        Many aspects of life are so vague in adolescence, many of such unappreciable until later years. True appreciation for all things from sacrifices loved ones had made, to posessions and opportunities possessed that in reality are not possessed by all. Appreciation and gratitude illuminated in the light of understanding, because it is  difficuilt to feel pure gratitude and thankfulness while lacking competence– all of which a product of growing up.

    9) -A goodbye to the bliss of youthful ignorance.

        Beautiful carelessness. Sandbox ball pit schoolyard summer night Saturday morning carelessness. Where great dilemmas consist of missing the ice cream man or a lunch spent in solitude; not because we did not care but because we were not obligated to. Not required to do much of anything. To an extent not even required to look after your own self. A simpler time that we can never reposess. When the only factors to weigh out while decision making is 1) whether or not it will bring enjoyment, and 2) whether or not it will bring punishment. The twenties is a final farewell to those precious days that once were, and to the child that once was, never forgetting those youthful days, but knowing deep within that they are now and forever more in the past. 

    10) -Opportunity to see, feel, and experience all you want while you can.

        Youth, ambition, energy, opportunity, independence, adventure, and opportunity; components of the years of twenty. Opportunity being most crucial. Now is the time; to take what you want, and go where you feel lead. With independence comes establishing identity, so let your journey help you find it. Opportunity comes also from ability to fail in this time. Trial and error is vital in order to find an answer, so go out there and fail. Fail harder than anyone has ever failed at what is being failed. Fail, fail, fail and fail again if you must; just don’t stop or quit failing. Continue to fail until you find what you succeed in, and know that each failed attempt is a step closer to your destination.

  • Inside our thoughts. Inside our hearts. Always.

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  • ||”With my bare hands I can move the earth. Just cause I said it in my verse.
    That’s the power of words.”||

    - Ab-soul

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  • little lighter thief 

    Stared straight through me with eyes so assuming, to her was ammusing; just the sight of the stare. As if she knew matters of which I was not aware. These eyes that invited, invited to explore. When she said as I felt “You know we’ve been here before. You and I in this place, some time ago.” My intrigue then in turn had grown cold, sparked a light as she said “Lifetimes ago our souls had grown old.” Finding truth in every word that she spoke, until the moment she vanished into her smoke. Feeling provoked, so inclined to remind her, chased her into the night, “Pardon miss, you’ve forgotten my lighter!” It’s hers she pleads, and I was not going to fight her, “Keep it” she insists, “after all it’s just a lighter.”
    The question I’ve yet to reveal, 
    It lingers now, and follows me still. I felt it in my youth as I feel it as I’m grown
       Was it her lighter, or was it my own? I look back on this as merely a dream, pay it no regard, constant disbelief. But she will always be my little lighter thief, she’ll always be my little lighter thief.

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  • Narwhal: The Sea Unicorn

    The Narwhal is a North Atlantic whale that dwells almost exclusively in the frigid waters of the arctic circle, surrounding much of northern canada and Alaska along with Greenland. Cousin of the Beluga, The Narwhal is distinguishable from its large hornlike spiral projecting from the skull, making the nickname “sea unicorn” very appropriate. However, a common misconception with the Narwhal is its horn, being that it is a tooth, and not a horn. Marine biologists were previously unaware of the precise function of this projectile tooth; many believed its use is no other than asthetic, for mating purposes. Others believed it is a weapon or even an ice drill, but breakthrough research reveals the spiral is actually a sensory organ and possesses microscopic nerve endings along the tusk from core to tip which are capable to detect water pressure and temperature changes in the ocean; even sense an incoming storm. This protruding left canine tooth will also forever serve an underlying purpose of  completely captivating the eye of it’s audience, of which might not be possible for too long; because this creature does find itself on the brink of extinction. The Narwhal faces this threat primarily  due to the hands of poachers in pursuit of the mysterious spiral, as well as the mammal’s high dependence on the arctic environment and its ice structure in contrast with the environment’s change. The narwhal is a fascinating mammal, but difficuilt for scientists to study because, unlike the Beluga and Killer Whales, the Narwhal cannot be held in captivity per it’s short lifespan while contained, living on average approximately two months. This limited knowledge and the animal’s elusiveness along with an almost mythical appearance is why The Narwhal continues to mystify it’s viewers, and hopefully will continue to do for many years to come; as non-fictional reality, and not storybook fantasy.

    to learn more about the narwhal or other endangered species and how to help visit http://www.worldwildlife.org

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